Sustainable Operations

Sustainable Operations

Our Commitment to Our People, the Environment and Other Stakeholders

Baxter will be a global leader in environmental, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability management.

This is consistent with Baxter’s business interests and code of conduct.  Specifically, we commit to the following:

Sustainability (also referred to as Corporate Responsibility)
We will strive to conserve resources and minimize or eliminate adverse EHS aspects and hazards that may be associated with our products, services and operations, with a focus on creating value for internal and external stakeholders.  See Operations Policy.

We will provide a zero-harm workplace that prevents injuries and illnesses, and that promotes healthy lifestyles and respect for the environment. We will ensure that our employees have the awareness, skills and knowledge to carry out this policy.

We will meet all applicable laws and Baxter requirements for EHS and sustainability.

Business Integration
We will integrate EHS and sustainability considerations into our business activities.

We will work with our customers to help them address their EHS and sustainability needs.

Suppliers and Contractors
We will work with our suppliers and contractors to enhance EHS and sustainability performance.

Community and Government
We will participate in community and government EHS and sustainability initiatives.

Baxter commits to continuous improvement in environmental, health, safety and sustainability performance. We will set goals, measure progress and communicate results.

Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of every employee.

Signed February 2016

José (Joe) Almeida
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Originally adopted August 1997